Blogs about Low Code Development

These a list of some blog that talks about Low Code Development:


5 Low Code Development Tools

Low Code development is an important trend nowaday, though the concept is we us from the very start of personal computer. Remember VisiCalc. Using Excel or Access is just Citizen Developers creating their own applications.

These days we have a lot of powerful tools for Low Code and No Code development, such as:

Noobeek: For creating database applications in the cloud by advanced user in just a few minutes. It’s like Access for the web. It has a free plan.

QuickBase: Create cloud-based applications that do exactly what you want, with a 30 days trial.

Sonadier: Allows to build forms using a drag-and-drop editor.

Fieldbook: Tries to be as simple as spreadsheet, in the web.

Salesforce App Cloud: The development platform from Salesforce.